50 Things Worth Watching On Netflix Instant

I don’t know what to say, I started and then I couldn’t stop. I love Netflix! Here are 50 awesome things you can watch RIGHT NOW.

1.  My So-Called-Life 

Jared Leto/grunge/90s teenage angst at its peak.

2. About A Boy

Starring Hugh Grant and a not-yet-hot Hot Guy From Skins

3. I Am Love

Starring SWINTON. Swinton in ITALIAN. 

4. The Bicycle Thief*

If you feel like crying really hard, cause, I dunno, sometime you might.

5. Meet Me In St. Louis

Do you like feel-good musicals/Judy Garland/trolley car romance? This is the champagne of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musicals! (Do you like the term “champagne of”? I do.)

6. 18 Kids And Counting

You kind of want to hate the Duggars and feel totally superior to them for not believing in, say, creationism, and for believing in, say, birth control, except you cannot hate this family because they’re totally charming and modest and lovely, all 18 of them.

7. Romeo And Juliet*

I’ve read this play a lot, I don’t think anyone really gets it like Olivia Hussey as Juliet gets it.

8. Romeo + Juliet

You’ll probably prefer the 60s version but it helps to make an educated opinion. Some people think the fish tank scene is romantic.



9. Dangerous Beauty

This is a cheeeeeesy cheese-ball movie that might JUST hit the spot if you’re in a particular mood for bodice-ripping and lovelorn Courtsean/Poets. Rufus SEWELL!

10. The Cosby Show

For when you feel kind of anxious for no real reason and it’s time for bed and you’d really like something mindless and nostalgic and comforting. The Netflix equivalent of Nick at Nite.

11. An Education

Why are people making such a big fuss over Carey Mulligan? Oh, because of this adorable, poignant movie, that’s why.

12. Groundhog Day

The only romantic comedy that guys are just as enthusiastic about watching as girls are. Still not sure any recurring gag in cinema history has worked as well as the “I Got You Babe” alarm clock schtick.

13.Veronica Mars Season 3

Because then you can find ME in the background, and really, what could possibly be a better use of your time?? (But really, Season 1 because it is excellent, and the best first season arc of a TV show ever, in my humble opinion.)

14. Chicago

Cause you probably haven’t seen it since it came out, have you?

15. The Business Of Being Born

You might be interested in watching this out of morbid curiosity (it includes scenes of Ricky Lake’s birthing process?) You will come out of it with weird views about how you want to deliver your baby, even if you are not in the least bit pregnant. Later you will change your mind about these views and think “wow, that was a blip!”

16. Frida*

Lets not forget, in light of all this Spiderman hubub, that Julie Taymor is actually a complete genius. So many wonderful things about this movie.

17. A Room With A View

Proving that Helena Bonham Carter was bomb from the beginning!

20. This American Life, Season 1

So now you don’t have to go through the effort of visualizing what Ira Glass is saying.

21. Bread and Tulips

This is SUCH a cute movie!! It’s about this adorable and slightly put-upon Italian housewife who gets left at a rest stop while on a family vacation, and therefore runs away to VENICE and falls in love! It’s really really sweet.

22. Gavin and Stacey, Season 1

Quirky British comedy starring the “Just Judy” girl from Love Actually…I discovered it pretty randomly and while it didn’t induce me to laugh or cry, I did rapidly watch every single episode, cause the story is sort of stupidly addicting, in an I’ll-watch-anything-with-accents type of way.

23. Au Revoir Les Enfants*

Lets hear it for depressing yet heartening Holocaust movies involving children!


It’s the Colin Firth movie that no one has seen! Be the first in your Firth fanclub.

25. Charlie’s Angels (movie)

This is one of those movies that’s too dumb to really be taken seriously, but then you think about it and you’re like “actually, that movie was sort of awesome.” For the nights when you need a surefire, easy-to-watch hit.

30. Exit Through The Giftshop

Ah, yes, street art is actually art. Except for this guy. Except actually this whole movie might be a hoax. I dunno, it’s interesting.

31. The Art Of The Steal

Another art documentary, except this one is a little easier to follow: super fascinating movie about The Barnes Foundation in Lower Merion, PA, and how it’s being moved to centre city Philadelphia, sort of against everyone’s wishes. This movie is actually way more interesting than my little synopsis.


I know you’ve heard this before so let me add my voice to the chorus of voices that’s singing the praises of this amazing, elegant, eloquent, unpretentious, moving, lovely show!

33. Howard’s End

No one does period pieces like Merchant Ivory, and this one’s got the creme de la creme: Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter, Jeremy Irons!

34. The Last Station

THIS MOVIE STARS CAPTAIN VON TRAPP. It also stars Helen Mirren and James McEvoy and is actually funny and sweet.

35. Giant

Ohhhhhhhhhhh this movie has something for EVERYONE. Elizabeth TAYLOR. James DEAN. Secretly-gay Rock HUDSON. TEXAS. (Have I covered everyone?)

36. Beauty and the Briefcase

For those nights when all you want to do is drink vodka and make fun of a Hillary Duff vehicle with your friends.

37. Dogs: Decoded

No? Just me?

38. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I made the mistake of seeing this movie in theaters before reading the book, and was sort of scarred for life. There’s no WAY the American version is going to be anywhere near as graphic, so get it where you can, folks!

39. Downton Abbey

Do you like British Period Pieces? This. Is. Your. Candy.

40. Center Stage

Come ON you watched this at a million sleepovers growing up, didn’t you? PETER GALLAGHER AS A SERIOUS CHOREOGRAPHER1

41. Good Will Hunting

Baby Matt and Ben!

42. Apollo 13

Even though I know how it’s going to end, because, well, I’ve read a history book in the last 20 years and also I’ve seen the movie a bazillion times, I STILL GET PANICKY WATCHING THIS. Also, Tom Hanks? You are this generations sort of less-sexy Cary Grant, and I mean that as a total compliment.

43. 8 1/2

Cause somewhere down the line, it might be important for you to have seen a Fellini film.

44. Rugrats, Season 1

This came out in 1991. You will be AMAZED and TRANSFIXED watching what passed for entertainment back then.

45. Henry V

Henry V is a play that I would never have had any interest in reading or seeing if I hadn’t read and seen it, and subsequently seen the movie and discovered how amazing it was. Was that incentive enough? No? Ok, YOUNG CHRISTIAN BALE.

46. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Werewolf

I lol’d at this. You know. In my room. By myself.

47. Swimming Pool

Super sexy/terrifying/smart movie that I awkwardly say in theaters with my mother. Very French.

48. Life As A House

No one likes this movie! Except for me. I really like this movie.

49. Ondine

This movie didn’t get a wide release in the US, but if you like mermaids (do you?), and, uhm, Ireland, then there are definitely worse movies to watch.

50. The Young Victoria

Of COURSE I am going to end on a Brit Period Piece. But I love Emily Blunt and this movie is way lighter than you’d think.