How to Pronounce “Chiara”, And Other Facts

Apparently, no one who knows me simply via The Internet knows how to pronounce my name. Totally understandable! 

It’s kyah-rah. Two syllables.

The first syllable sounds like you just said “Yah!” but with a k in front of it, sort of?

And the second syllable rhymes, but with just a “rah” sound (but the r is rolled).

Does that make any sense?

It’s pronounced correctly twice in the first 3 seconds of this random YouTube video, if you need to hear it.

If you want to pronounce it Key-Ah-Rah, as a lot of people do, that’s fine. But technically it’s kyah-rah.

Chiara is an Italian name, which means “bright, famous”. In Spanish, the name is Clara, in French it’s Claire. In Italy, it’s a very, very common name, and I go a little wild buying pens, mugs, and keychains with “Chiara” written on them whenever I’m there, just for the novelty of it.

No “Chiara” mugs at the NBC store.

Famous people named Chiara include Chiara of Assisi (St. Claire), and Catherine DeNeuve’s daughter, Chiara Mastroianni.

Andrea Bocelli has a song called “Chiara”, which always both embarrasses and delights me when it comes up on my iTunes shuffle.

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