Upcoming Sponsored Posts On TheHairpin.com

Because this was so great (not kidding, so, so great.), I am hoping for more sponsored posts on TheHairpin.com.

Are you an ad buyer for any of the following corporations? Please consider:

Netflix Instant For Every Occasion, sponsored by Maxwell House

What ELSE Your American Girl Doll Says About You, Sponsored By HBO’s The Walking Dead

Ask A Dude, Sponsored by Ann Taylor.

Women Laughing Alone With Salad, Sponsored By The New 2012 KIA Sorento.

Ask A Spider, Sponsored by Chipotle.

That Movie You Should Watch On Netflix Instead Of That Movie Released In Theaters Today, Sponsored By Flushable Tampax Pearl

Bacon-Wrapped Egg Cupcakes, Sponsored By MasterCard.

Creepy Hands In Art History, Sponsored By The Macy’s Thanksgiving Sale.

What It’s Like To Get A Biopsy, Sponsored By Fresh Direct.

Adopt A Dog That Looks Sort Of Like You, Sponsored by Match.com

Is This Cube The Tiniest Home In The World?, Sponsored By Clinique New Chubby Stick Lip Colour Balm

Lean-Cuisine-Bargain-A-Day, Sponsored By VitaCoco

Dear Naomi Wolf, Sponsored by Lean Cuisine

The Facebook Purity Test, Sponsored By Bounty Paper Towels

I’ll Have What That Character’s Having: Foods We Want To Try, Sponsored By Crest Whitening Strips

Relationshapes, Sponsored by Mucinex Serious Sinus Support

Get Your Motor Runnin’… Win a Nissan Versa Road Trip, Sponsored By Chobani Greek Yogurt

Friday Bargain Bin: What To Do With Your Allowance This Week, sponsored by Pampers

Twenty Five Years In American Obesity, Sponsored By Geico

Snappy Things To Yell Back At Construction Workers, Sponsored by Tropicana Pure Orange Juice