"Every match feels like a Super Bowl, every crowd like a costume ball. The World Cup matters equally to people in Cameroon and Paraguay, Germany and South Korea. It’s the biggest, best party in the world."

— Joe Rhodes for the New York Times

  • David: no ones like
  • hey, you know what im really glad I did?
  • spent a lot of time being sad.

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Words to Live By

  • me: i might
  • skip the shower!!!!
  • Anna: showers are for chumps

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One of those days

  • Katie: I feel like. Sick?
  • Chiara: It's probably just. Ennui.

Cute Proposal Video

  • Katie: lol yes i saw that when the date report posted this morning
  • even i liked it
  • and therefore also hated it

"This Is Why I'm Single"

  • Katie: they said i struggle with romance in this life because in my past life i married early and was too dependent, so i have a reflexive distrust of being in a relationship????

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Next stop, Los Angeles!!! #bethdies #hff2015

  • me: hahahaha
  • Katie: haha
  • Anna: nothing annoys me more
  • Anna: than when graham is on the phone with some customer service person
  • and i need him to remember to say something
  • and he shushes me while holding up one finger
  • and then INEVITABLY
  • he forgets
  • me: i just want to reach out and be like "hey! how are you"
  • or do you think it should just be
  • "how are you?"
  • Brian: is this a joke, C? really, are you playing a joke on me cuz i'm gullible.